– The Tea Room – 

Our Fine Leaf Blends

Hunting Lodge House Blend
A lovely blend of darjeeling, touched with assam.
English Breakfast
The best Indian ceylon.
Earl Grey
World famous tea with a blend of black China leaf & oil from the bergamot orange.
From 3 plantation teas, all pure assam!
Jane Austen Blend
A classic China black blend, for a stronger cup of tea.
Decaffeinated Ceylon
Flowery broken pekoe.

Herbal Infusions

A relaxing drink with a calming effect, ideal as a night-cap!
High in vitamin C & great for rejuvenation.
Egyptian Mint
The finest Egyptian variety- spearmint in flavour.
A great digestive drink.
The African sundowner tea. The nearest you can get to a natural tea without caffeine.

Specialist Blends

Golden flowery orange pekoe, with an unmistakable Muscatel flavour.
Flowery broken orange pekoe, the best example of the Ceylon flavour.
Lapsang Souchong Formosa
A grey smoky leaf never drank with milk.
Mellow & mild with a fresh lingering fragrance of orchids. Ideal with milk or lemon.
Lemon & Ginger
Black tea flavoured with lemon and ginger, ideal served with fresh lemon.
A flavoured spicy black tea with hints of cloves, cardamom & cinnamon.
Gunpowder Green
Dried immediately for a smoky taste, this green leaf brews a light pale liquor.
Pai- Mutan China White 
A China green tea of limited availability. Light & delicate, a must for the green tea lover!
Jasmine Chung Hao
Grown amongst the jasmine bushes for the very best of jasmine tea.
Russian Caravan 
This tea carries the mystic of early tea traders from China through Russia.
Rose Congou
From the growing region of Formosa, scented with rose petals.

Speciality Afternoon Teas

King John’s Royal Tea
Smoked salmon, cucumber sandwiches, warm homemade scones, kitchen garden jams & jellies, local organic Jersey double or clotted cream & dainty cakes, served on a three tiered stand with fine leaf tea of your choice or a pot of filter coffee.
£22 per person
£40 for two
Hunting lodge cream tea 
A basket of warm scones, kitchen garden jams & jellies, local organic Jersey double or clotted cream, served with fine leaf tea of your choice or a pot of coffee.
£8.75 per person
£16 for two
Lacock Lumb
A three tiered creation for Lacock, a Lumb is the Scottish word for ‘chimney’. Toasted and caramelised with either ginger or  cinnamon butter.
Toasted Favourites 
Homemade cheese muffins or spiced tea cake  served with lashings of butter
– From the Dresser- 

A fine selection of homemade cakes, pastries & sweetmeats!

Rich Layered Chocolate cake
Espresso & Walnut Layered Cake 
Citrus Lemon layered cake
Salted caramel & date cake
Carrot cake with orange frosting (GF)
Spanish almond cake (GF)
apple & sultana cake
traditional boiled fruit cake 
Classic victorian sponge filled with jam & vanilla buttercream (GF)
milk chocolate caramel shortbread 
buttery, oatey flapjack
crisp buttery shortbread
old fashioned tiffin
rich chocolate brownie (GF)
meringue with fresh cream & strawberries (GF)

Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available. All dietary requirements welcomed!